Find it, Fix it, and Furnish it.
Brand development for a real estate and interior design firm.

3F Living is a real estate and interior design firm in New York that helps people find it, fix it and furnish it. Ande La Monica, the creative director of Ande & Partners, worked closely with 3F Living to develop a dynamic new identity including strategy, naming, website, photography, stationery, and marketing collateral.

3F Living

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Founded by Zack Sosne and Lindsay Joyce, the principal owners of 3F Living offer New York three unique services in one. As a licensed real estate broker, Mr. Sosne and Mrs. Joyce help people find a home or apartment and manage the deal. They also specialize in renovations for the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, or entire home and help bring their clients ideas to life. To complete the experience, 3F Living has an extensive contact list and keen eye to furnish the space with things that are just right.


Logo Development


“The new logo is incredibly dynamic,” says Ande La Monica “It is a solid form that is both strong and friendly. It can function easily to fit on the side of a building, woven into a textile, or exist as an icon for a mobile application. The core of the logo is a nice marriage of the letters 3, F, and L.” Ande continued, “The architecture of the logo is really quite nice. It balances the letters together to create something simple and unique.”


The website for 3F Living designed by Ande & Partners

3F Living offers three different services and can get confusing if not addressed correctly. The website posed an interesting challenge for Ande & Partners to solve. “One of the ways we solved the problem was by simplifying the navigation so that their audience can easily find what they are looking for.” Says Ande La Monica. “We also incorporated rich photography to showcase their great work and built a narrative around each project. The result was a huge success. Like a clean house ready for guests, the website is welcoming. It appears fresh, organized, and modern. It also conveys a strong and friendly quality that is appropriate for both real estate and interior design.”





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