Hot & Sweaty.
Branding a personal fitness trainer.

Ande & Partners thinks everyone likes to get hot and sweaty, especially people who are serious about personal fitness. Dana Chau is petite, heavily inked with tattoos, and deceptively strong. She is also a no-nonsense master fitness trainer with a cult-like following. Dana approached Ande La Monica to design her brand and establish her identity on the web.

Dana Chau

Brand Development

THE IDENTITY designed by ande la monica

Dana has been a personal trainer for many years specializing in Pilates, core strengthening, body conditioning and flexibility. She also choreographs and teaches dance classes that combine a mix of hip-hop, house, and jazz techniques. "With all this in mind," says Ande, "the new logo was designed to symbolize strength, beauty, and creative expression."



The website developed by Ande & Partners



Ande continued, "Dana has a huge client base and is always on the cutting edge of music, fashion, trends, and (of course) new physical training techniques. Her site needed to reflect that. is a go-to spot for training tips, helpful workout techniques, the latest music that has yet to hit mainstream, and her class schedules."

"The website offers a lot of services and information to its clients, so the architecture is very important. We spent a good deal of development to make sure that everything is where is should be and her clients can easily find what they are looking for."



Marketing photography

Marketing photography by Ande La Monica for Dana Chau Fitness