Cream of the crop
Film series of the rising stars at SVA.

The award winning short films are back for a second season with a fresh crop of emerging designers and new work. Ande La Monica directed, edited, and produced this short film series of talented artists.

Fresh Crop
Film Series

Principal Photography
Title Design
Motion Graphics
Post Production

Opening Titles



This is the third time we have worked with executive producers Steven Heller and Lita Talarico, who have great vision and trust in us. As always, a nice tip of the hat goes to Matt Tait and Joshua Hester for technical and production development.


"The whole concept of this series is about emerging artists and designers taking some pretty amazing products to market," says Ande. "The title sequence has this great organic and textured feel to it. There is a subtle reference to the artist's sketch book and production ornaments, all to flesh out how ideas go from inception to fruition."


As with any production, there were a number of talented people who brought the project to life. Thanks to Steve, Lita, and the team at SVA MFAD. Huge thanks to Matt Tait, Randy Hunt, and Joshua Hester for production.


Lara McCormick's Stop and start over


Elana Dweck develops Mequet
a line of beautiful and functional pill containers.